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ramadan e-shakoosh

4 Ways to Save Money During Ramadan

Ramadan E-shakoosh

The Holy Month of Ramadan is the ideal time for a positive change in your routine and daily life. Muslims believe that Ramadan is the perfect time to detoxify your body and soul, practise self-discipline, and learn important lessons and the best methods to help balance your financial situation.

Here are 4 ways that you can improve your financial status during Ramadan:

1. Reflect on your financial habits

Ramadan is a time to practice simplicity in how we live our lives. Use Ramadan as a chance to learn discipline and modesty in how you spend money by observing your normal spending during the regular months and try to cut back on some of it during Ramadan.
Instead of going out for expensive iftar buffets and dinners, eat at home and spend time with your family. In the pandemic-inflicted world we live in now, sharing a family iftar over a video call will keep everyone safe and help you save money.

2. Keep track of your spending

You can use Ramadan as a time to focus on creating a budget planner to track your spending. You can set new financial goals and create a clear plan and budget for your spending.
Define your priorities such as rent, investments, or your child’s school tuition fees, and the basic home necessities.

You can then set the threshold of your spending. This way, you can avoid spending money recklessly and without purpose.

3. Ramadan offers and discounts

Financial discipline is fundamental to keep yourself on the right track to achieving your financial goals. This doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of things you like. The point is to be smart and spend with a purpose. The UAE is the perfect place to be during Ramadan because there are so many amazing offers and discounts being provided by supermarkets, shopping malls and restaurants.

You can still spoil yourself by spending wisely and choosing the best deals available. You can even choose to shop for second-hand items which are even more discounted during Ramadan. You will get the same high-quality brand home appliances and furniture from online marketplaces like E-Shakoosh.com at a fraction of the shopping mall prices.

Shop for Eid gifts from second-hand sellers and you will get more value for your money while still making your loved ones happy. Your children can get great toys and games, your spouse can get a designer handbag or an iPhone, and you will save money. Everyone wins!

ramadan e-shakoosh
4. Practice helping the less fortunate

Ramadan is all about empathy towards the ones in need. Some families may not even be able to afford the basic kitchen appliances, food or clothing. They are willing to sell their perfect used items to make money just to support their families. You can help by simply shopping for second-hand goods and donating your pre-loved items to families in need.

Giving charity to someone less fortunate than you is a big blessing and you will find that the reward is bigger than you think. You might find that you wish to continue this act of charity during the normal months.

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