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5 Tips to Follow When Buying Used Furniture

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Buying used furniture is a good way to add a creative touch to your home and save money on decor that can liven up your living space for a fraction of the cost of new items.

If you know the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, then you know how second-hand shopping can be like a treasure hunt. You just might find that jewel that you have been looking for!

To get the best for your money when buying used furniture, you need to follow these five essential tips:

1- Assess the Quality

Used furniture doesn’t imply poor condition. On the contrary, if it is a good piece, then it should survive for ages. So to find out if a piece is of high quality, you should:

  • Inspect if the wood is solid enough or if the construction has some defect.
  • Look for a brand name or a stamped logo from the company that created the piece. The logo helps you identify the quality of the furniture.
  • Some pieces are custom made and don’t have a logo, so you should look at the craftsmanship.
2- Assess All Pieces for Pests

Bedbugs can lurk in any piece of furniture. Fortunately, you can detect them since they leave proof behind.

  • See if the corners have been eaten away at and check underneath the piece as well.
  • Look for any cracks or dark spots.
  • Check if there are any remnants of insects or bugs.
3- Test it out

Getting a beautiful piece doesn’t imply you will like using it every day, so test it wisely:

  • Use the chair to determine if it’s practical and sturdy enough to carry your weight evenly.
  • Check if the table’s legs are stable enough.
  • Test the drawers of a closet to see if they can effortlessly open and close.
4- It’s Okay to DIY

Used furniture can benefit a lot from a slight makeover. Some pieces may seem old, but try to look beyond the imperfections.

You can do wonders through DIY, unleash your creativity and turn a bare piece into a piece of art. A little pain or some new knobs can liven up any plain dresser or cabinet. Get creative!

5- Shop Online

Nowadays, the search for the best used furniture has become more organized by the internet.

You can get great deals and excellent benefits from an online store. For instance, E-Shakoosh is an online store for used items that offers safe purchases and secure protection against fraudulent acts.

You can shop with ease from a wide range of options. Also, you are guaranteed top quality as all the E-Shakoosh sellers are liable for any damaged pieces.

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