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online auction e-shakoosh

6 Steps to Setting Up Your First Online Auction

online auction e-shakoosh

Have you ever wondered how people make great money by selling their used stuff online? We are curious too, so that is why we prepared this list to help guide you on how to get the most out of the E-Shakoosh.com Auction site.

E-Shakoosh’s auction feature is a chance for both sellers and buyers to get the best price possible on their goods, especially on rare and unique items that aren’t available anywhere else.

Here are 6 steps you should follow to get started on your first online auction with E-Shakoosh:

Step 1: Register Your Account and Sell

In order to sell or buy on E-Shakoosh.com, you need to create an account on the website.

Once you have verified your mobile number via SMS or your email address, you will be ready to begin listing items for sale.

The first thing you need to do to start setting up your item for sale is to click on the “SELL” option that is available on the top options bar of the home page. Then you can choose “SINGLE” or “BULK” item options depending on how many items you would like to list for sale.

The “SINGLE” option is for selling items that you only have one of, such as a specific bed or a chair. The “BULK” option is for when you would like to list items for sale at a wholesale price and allow people to purchase one type of item in a large quantity.

Step 2: Make Your Item Stand Out

The next part is important if you want to sell your item fast! Once you have chosen the correct quantity option (single or bulk), you can now select the category that your item falls into. Choose the right placement for your item from categories such as bedroom furniture, living room furniture, home appliances, electronics, or mobile phones & laptops. There is even a category for everything else!

Item Description: In order to make sure that your item stands out on the website, make sure that you write a clear and detailed description of your item. Include its features and characteristics, even the colour and if there is anything unique about it. There are also preset attributes that you can choose from to help you write a more descriptive product summary.

Images & Video: You can choose to upload up to 12 images of your item. Make sure that when you upload images, you use a white background and the images are clear enough for potential buyers to see the full item. You can also upload a short video of the item you wish to sell and give shoppers a better view of what they could be getting.

After you have chosen the right categories and attributes to describe your item and you have uploaded clear photos or videos, you are now ready to decide on how you would like to sell your stuff. You can choose from auction selling, fixed-price selling or a hybrid of both.

online auction e-shakoosh
Step 3: Choose Your Selling Option

E-Shakoosh.com wants to make your online auction experience as easy as possible, so here are three selling options that you can choose from to SELL YOUR STUFF:

Auction Option: Perfect for sellers who are not sure how valuable their stuff is and want to get the best price in the market for their second-hand items.

Fixed Price Option: This is for sellers who know EXACTLY how much their item is worth and will not negotiate on price. It is “take it or leave it” for this option!

Auction & Fixed-Price Hybrid: This option is best for sellers who want the best of two worlds and would like to see how high the bidding will go for the item and still have the option to sell it to a readily interested buyer for the best price.

Step 4: Choose How Long You Want to Run Your Sale

You have the option to choose how long your item stays on the site. You can set the auction duration for up to 180 days or you can even choose the option “good until canceled”, which will allow your item to be available on the site until it is sold.

There is also an option to schedule the sale or auction to begin in the near future if you are not ready to start right away. This gives you more time to edit the listing and add a better description or clearer images.

Step 5: Delivery & Payment

You can choose whether buyers come to your place and pay you in cash, or if you would prefer that buyers make the payments online (coming soon) and the E-Shakoosh.com logistics team will organise the delivery for you.

Just make sure that you specify your address or the meeting point to help buyers find you easily.If you choose to use E-Shakoosh.com’s delivery service, you will also need to make sure that your address and phone number are correct so that our delivery fleet can contact you for delivery and payments.

At the moment, E-Shakoosh.com is using Cash on Delivery. Once the item is delivered to the buyer, and payment has been made in cash, we will transfer it into your bank account.

online auction e-shakoosh
Step 6: Final Steps!

At the end of the Item Listing form, you will be able to set your return policy and decide if you would like to accept returns from buyers or not. That is your choice and only you as a seller will be held responsible if the buyer wishes to return the item for any reason.

Click on “Save and post now”. And there you have it! Your first item has been listed for auction or sale on E-Shakoosh.com!

Let’s not forget that you can boost your items on the site even more by choosing the following post enhancements:

  • Hot Deal to make your item visible on the top row of the front page for 20 days.
  • Highlighted on the frontpage for 10 days.
  • Featured in search results so that your item shows up first when certain keywords that match your product are searched.
Social Media Promo:

Premium Members get free promotional ads and posts on E-Shakoosh.com’s social media channels to direct customers to their store on the E-Shakoosh website. To become a Premium Member, contact E-Shakoosh’s Customer Success team using the below information!

Become an E-Shakoosh Member

When looking for a platform to sell or purchase second-hand goods, whether pre-loved fashion, furniture, or electronics, make sure to choose the one that offers a wider range of unique items, and especially guarantees transaction security.

E-Shakoosh.com is the number one auction platform for selling and buying second-hand goods in the UAE. It is a safe platform for online payments and delivery options. You can also choose from three different types of selling options to get the best price for anything you wish to sell.

For any questions or queries, you can contact our Customer Success team on WhatsApp at +971503015006 or email us at customer.service@e-shakoosh.com.

The word SHAKOOSH in Arabic means hammer, and we all know when the hammer comes down, that means the deal is done.

So Don’t lose it, just E-Shakoosh it!