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eid e-shakoosh

E-Shakoosh: Tips for a Safe Eid Al-Adha 2021

eid e-shakoosh

The celebrations of Eid Al-Adha are about to begin. People would typically start getting ready for Eid by shopping for new clothes, preparing for children’s Eidiya, and cooking traditional Arabic sweets. Yet, this year is different. We are in the middle of a global pandemic that is still surging.

UAE residents will be celebrating their second Eid-al Adha while battling the COVID-19 crisis. However, that does not imply that authorities will loosen restrictions as they are making vigorous efforts to limit the spread of the virus.

So with a unique religious celebration coming our way, what are the dos and don’ts to have a safe and fun Eid?

Follow the safety measures.

For starters, UAE residents should not ignore the basic restrictions against COVID-19. We are frequently alerted to wear a mask, respect social distancing, and wash our hands constantly for no less than 20 seconds. We should stick to them, especially on such an occasion.

No gatherings

UAE residents should limit Eid celebrations only to their immediate family members living in the same house, as stated by the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA).

No sharing

This year, NOT sharing is caring. You can’t give money as Eidiya to children or share food or sweets with your neighbours.

  • Sharing food with others in normal times isn’t safe. For example, if someone eats at each house they visit, they can catch the virus easily and unknowingly.
  • On the other hand, giving Eidiya is risky for children as the virus can be transmitted through Eidiya money, added to the risk coming from physical contacts.

The virus is unexpected and can always take you by surprise. So don’t leave anything to chance!

Here are some ways to still enjoy Eid Al-Adha:

Send Digital Eidiya

With the ongoing pandemic crisis, a digital alternative can be the best way not to skip Eidiya this year. Considering the current safety regulations across the UAE, residents can prevent risks and instead distribute money through e-gift cards.

There are effective digital apps that you can use to send money as an Eidiya. Besides, you can benefit from your bank agency and check if they offer any e-gift cards for children this year.

eid e-shakoosh
Use Electronic Communication

Instead of visiting family in person on Eid, you can use electronic alternatives.
A phone call or even a simple message on social media can be the safest option to do. In addition, you can have a video chat with your relatives and friends to feel closer to them and set the Eid atmosphere.

Be prepared for unexpected gatherings.

In case you have unexpected guests at your house, you can follow these simple tips to protect your family:

  • Guide the group outdoors like the garden or an open place, or ensure that the indoor area has proper ventilation.
  • Make sure everyone is wearing their masks and maintaining a 3-meter distance between each other.
  • Ensure the visit duration is as short as possible.
  • Don’t let your vulnerable family members such as elders, pregnant women, or those with pre-existing medical conditions have any contact with unexpected guests since they are most weak against COVID-19.

You can also follow these simple tips to have some fun in Eid despite the restrictions:

Wear Eid clothes at home

Why not wear your best clothes and feel neat at your place. In addition, you can all get prepared and take some good photos for the memory.

You can still create the Eid spirit at home with your close family members.

Prepare indoor family activities.

Select a list of fun and interactive indoor group games so you can play with your family all day.

You can also watch a good movie or a famous play.

You can turn this situation into an opportunity to bond with your family members and create lifelong dear memories.

Cook delicious meals

Eid Al-Adha is a special day. Live it fully! You can enjoy an energetic breakfast, a fun lunch, and an intimate dinner with your family. So why not prepare the best menu for this special day.

Eid won’t be the same this year, and it may feel odd. We can’t have a large family gathering like in the old days, but it is all worth staying safe and not ending up in this holy celebration with regrets.

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