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How to Create an Item Listing on E-Shakoosh

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A successful listing allows buyers to know everything about the product you’re selling to ultimately purchase your item.

As an E-Shakoosh seller, your product listing is your sales pitch to attract buyers. That means that it is important to create your listing interestingly and clearly to guarantee more sales.

Let’s see how you can prepare a product page that’s highly visible and attractive to buyers, step by step! These are features of a great product listing on E-shakoosh to upscale your sales.

1. Use SEO keywords

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to guide buyers to purchase your E-Shakoosh listing.

When you upscale your item listings with high search volume keywords, it drives search engines to rank your listing high in search results making your product highly visible to buyers.

There are plenty of online tools for finding highly searched keywords.

On the other hand, search engines can now detect when keywords are placed in a non-helpful, out-of-context way. For that, stuffing your listing with keywords may lead search engines and buyers to perceive your listing as spam.

To avoid lower rankings, use keywords moderately in your product title, distribute your keywords evenly around three times throughout your whole listing, and try to allocate them for every 150 words.

2. Detailed Item Description

Your product description has to earn the buyer’s trust by highlighting the product information and stimulating his interest and attention towards the item.

For starters, don’t just include basic technical features of your product, but rather aim to tackle the buyer’s needs and arouse their emotions and senses.

Spice things up by making a compelling copy and highlighting your item’s benefits in a smooth and unique way. Make buyers imagine themselves as the owner of your item and drive them to feel something special about it.

Remember that your product description must be detailed and authentic. If you make fake promises about your product, you will lose a lot. The buyer will return the item, and your seller reputation will be damaged, which results in raising your seller ODR (order defect rate).

3. Clear & Scannable Paragraphs

Buyers won’t likely read your whole listing thoroughly. Instead, they will usually skim your listing to decide whether your item is good for them or not.

Try to make your listing clear and scannable for the readers. For example, try to sum up your product information in short and straightforward critical points in a way that best highlights the features of your item.

  • Grab the readers’ attention by highlighting the best feature of your product in the first key point. Buyers may not proceed reading your listing if the first point is not attractive.
  • Keep your key points straight to the point to not risk turning buyers off with tons of information.

As long as your listing is neat and readable, the customer will get the message quickly, and you will reach more sales than you’ve ever thought.

4. Add Attractive visuals

Visuals stick around longer in our minds. That’s why you should use attractive and high-quality photos for your product to grab more buyers. You can quickly persuade your customers to purchase with these small tips:

  • Use high-resolution photos.
  • Add many photos from different angles to make them trust you and feel sure about your item.
  • Adjust your photos in terms of the colours and lighting to catch buyers’ attention.

Don’t hesitate to take your time to produce better visuals. It is an effective way to build trust in your product’s authenticity.

These are the key elements to get interested buyers to click on the purchase button.

Making a great product listing is a comprehensive process to build a positive impression of your item. It is a space where your item can shine, and customers can see why your item is the one for them.

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